Saturday, February 5, 2011

Letter Gg Week: Gumball Machine

I can't remember where I printed this from! 
The gumballs in the machine, I used scrap paper, cut with a 1 inch circle punch.

G is for Ground Hog's Day!

We started off the morning wondering if the Ground Hog had actually saw his shadow or not.
I let them take plenty of guesses, and we talked about what happened if he did or didn't see his shadow.
Noo! he didn't see his shadow,so it will be an early Spring!
Oh well, in the south we always have an early Spring, it really doesn't matter if the ground hog see's or does not see his shadow! But it is fun to play along!

So let's make a Ground Hog Mask and go looking for our shadows.

And now they are looking for their shadows!
OOPS! They found theirs!

They also colored a couple Ground Hog's Day sheets

G is for Green and Glitter

G is for green-Do a Dot sheet
downloadable pdf of all alphabet do a dot pages found here at 

G is for Glitter
Gg template found here at dltk-kids

This completed our week..
Both Gg pages will be in their ABC binders.

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