Friday, February 11, 2011

Letter Ll Week

L is for Lion

We started our week by reading 
Deep in The Jungle by: Dan Yaccarino
This book is about a very bossy lion who gets tricked into joining the circus.
When he returns to the jungle he realizes just how wonderful his friends are.

After reading the book to them it was time to make a lion footprint craft!
I brought out the yellow paint and a sponge paint brush.
And painted feet!

 And then they stamped on cardstock!
And then added face features, a mane, and a tail.
 So cute!
This will go in their binders.
Craft found at Pocketful of Posies

L is for Ladybug

The Grouchy Ladybug by: Eric Carle
More than likely needs no introduction.
This is about a bully ladybug who learns that being a bully just isn't the way.
I enjoy this book because it teaches we don't fight period!!

After the story and a good talk about bullies the children made a ladybug.
Not a grouchy one though.
I prepared oval shapes the night before and cut the antennae and legs.
First they put dots on their ladybugs with dot markers.

Then added its head.
 Completed with eyes, antenna, and legs. 
 And added an L on its back.
This will go in their ABC Binders
craft found at Pocketful of Posies

Also for our Ll week 
we read together and they colored their Ll book 

Do a Dot sheets

Ladybug Number Practice/pre-writing skill

Do a dot & number practice found at Confessions of a Homeschooler

Color the L orange - Color the l red

Circle the smallest object in each box sheet

Circle the pictures the start with the sound of Ll.

And that's a wrap for our week!


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