Friday, February 11, 2011

Letter Hh Week

We started our week reading the book"Henny Penny" who gets hit in the head by an acorn while she is eating corn in the farmyard. She doesn’t know what hits her and assumes the sky is falling. On her way to warn the King she runs into Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey and Turkey Lurkey  one at a time, and the group gets larger and larger as they make their way to the King’s Palace. They all run into Foxy Woxy, and he tells them they are going the long way and advises they take a short-cut.  He tricks them and leads them into a cave that is really his home.  The King was never told the sky was falling and Foxy Woxy and his family had them all for dinner. My book has pictures for words so they enjoyed reading along.

Hh is for Hen
This will go in their ABC binders
I found the pictures from the internet from a google search
Hh template can be found at dltk-kids

They also practiced pre-writing skills
download sheet HERE

Big H little h

For this learning activity I drew a capital letter H on a piece of paper. I took small multi label stickers and wrote the lower case h on them. The children place the stickers around the capital H, and we repeat BIG H, little h, BIG H little h.

H is for Horse

To complete our week the children painted horses. I swirled brown and white paint together to give a little interest to their art work. They thought it was awesome! 
He seemed to really be bringing the white out in this photo.


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