Monday, October 3, 2011

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My name is JDaniel4’s Mom and I host a parenting blog called JDaniel4’s Mom. I write about growing by learning, living, listening and living along side my three and a half year old son.

I am so excited about guest posting on La-La’s Home Daycare today. As the host of Read.Explore.Learn., I have been stopping by to visit and comment on the wonderful posts they have shared on my blog carnival. I am very thankful for the opportunity to visit with you.

Today I am going to share a wonderful children’s book called Cupcake I have come across and a cooking project my son and I did based on the book.

The plain vanilla cupcake featured in the book was very friendly and loved being a part of family of cupcakes. Each cupcake had been decorated with frosting and decoration of various kinds except him. He had no trouble with that. He loved being who is was.
When the day came to an end, he was the only one left on the platter. He is devastated that he has been left behind. He starts to wonder if there is something wrong with him.
Thankfully a plain green candle hears him and hops over to try to help him. The candle listens to his frustration about being plain and ordinary. Then the cupcake listens to the how the candle isn’t as fancy as his siblings either. They are various shapes and colors. This leaves them both sad.
The candle is a real problem solver and he decides to cheer the cupcake up by giving him various toppings like spaghetti, pickles, and pancakes. Each of the toppings he suggests is just not right.
Finally the candle hops on the cupcake to clear away a nut left behind from a topping test . The cupcakes realizes the candle belongs on top for now. The candle on the other hand thinks maybe they will try other things tomorrow. He believes a potato would look dandy.
I love that a plain cupcake and plain candle are just right. Nothing fancy needs to be on the outside to make them better or more appealing. There is an amazing life lesson in this revelation.

After discussing this lesson, we decided to make plain white cupcakes with white frosting.

JDaniel  helped with the mixing.

While I put the batter in the liners, JDaniel sampled it in his own tasting bowel. If I give him a tasting bowl, he doesn’t dip his hand in the mixing bowl until I am done.

Despite the knowledge that plain cupcakes are just right, we decorated ours with sprinkles.

I think they turned out well!

Deirdre Smith
JDaniel4's Mom


Kiddothings said...

Baking is such a great activity to do with kids! Those cupcakes look great! :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

You can never go wrong with cupcakes. Plain or not ;-)

Shell said...

What a great lesson!

And vanilla cupcakes are my fave. :)

Diane said...

The way I see it, any cupcake is happiness!

What a cute book with a smart lesson.

Tammy said...

What a great analogy. I sometimes feel like that plain white cupcake but that's okay! :) I love Deidre! :)

Eschelle said...

looks great! I always make muffins with my kiddies, I pre-measure everything so all they have to do is toss it in when i tell em to :)

bluecottonmemory said...

Cupcake moments are the best! Decorating is so fun for the boys, too!

Mumsy's Refuge said...

Cupcakes are awesome your Lesson! ~Hugs, M

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

A wonderful lesson! And a fun one--I'll bet JDaniel loved eating those cupcakes. :)

Jessica said...

My kids love baking cupcakes with me.

Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

i like the book, i think my daughter's school would like it too!

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