Sunday, January 30, 2011

Letter Dd Week

This week we read about dogs and dinosaurs. Has to be two favorites of the boys.
Our first book was to study different kinds of dinosaurs.
 And then on to make dinosaur crafts! This went into their binders.
Dd is for dinosaurs!
 I found the adorable craft at HERE at Pocketful of Posies.
The letter D template is from dltk.
I hand drew and cut out the rest.
Supplies we Used
green construction paper
letter D template
green crayons
white paper
googly eyes

We also made a stegosaurus with hand print plates.
I found this at No Time for Flash Cards
Supplies We Used
blue construction paper for background
green construction paper to trace hands (plates)
white paper to draw stegosaurus (I hand drew)
green crayon
googly eyes

I hand drew the dinosaur & cut him out.
They colored it green and green grass on the blue construction paper.
After gluing the dinosaur to the paper, they glued the googly eyes
in place and their hand print plates.

Dd is for dog and door

We read the book Go Dog Go!
We all love this book!

I found this cute idea HERE.

Supplies we Used
construction paper
letter d template found HERE
craft knife
dog picture (googled)

I took one piece of construction paper and cut in half. The boys colored their d's, and then I cut them
out. I used the craft knife to cut the middle for the door. They glued the dog first, then their d on top.

Now we have a doggie doors!

They also used their dot markers...
Dd is for dots
Big D little d

Other books we read that week:

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