Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Letter Bb: Brown Bear What Do You See?

Not having this book nor did our library, I had to print it myself from our curriculum we use.
I also found Bill Martin reading the book here on youtube! Loved it and so the kids!

We also had a clothes pin color matching cards game (I called it) that I printed, which was pretty easy for the boys. I did underline each color word with the correct color.

We love the book and focused on this book each day of our letter Bb week. I love the fact that it helps with colors even though they know theirs. :)

To go along with the bear theme they mixed and matched bears and clothes with a Melissa and Doug puzzle.


I printed a Bb template from dltk-kids.com.
I have a butterfly stamp they used to stamp their Bb's then color them.
They love stamping! This will go in their binders.

They made their own snacks! I gave them each a clothes pin to decorate, a small ziploc bag, and snacks to put in the bags. They pinned the bag in the middle to create a butterfly snack. How Fun!
I adore these trays!

Later that afternoon after they ate their snack, we used the clothes pins again to create a Butterfly craft to take home. I took out an old magazine, tore out a page for each child and then folded the paper accordion style and they clipped the pin into the middle. How clever!

Building the letter b

This is a pretty neat craft, building the letter b! I found this printable craft at Tired, Need Sleep.
They colored it, built it on a piece of construction paper and glued it down.
These will also go in their binders.

Bb is for Brown, Blue, and Bb pre-writing,tracing, Big to Small Bears 

These were our books for the week. I print out a read & color book of My Book About Bb.
They also made Bear masks & I read The Three Bears to them.
And that was our week! :)

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