Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentines Day: Love Birds

I decided we should make something for Valentines Day even though it's a little early.
 I found these cute Love Birds here at Moments of Mommyhood.

I used..
red,purple, and pink construction paper for the body, wings, and background
orange  for the feet
white paper for the eyes
adhesive foam hearts for the eyes and lips.

I drew a large purple heart for each child and then cut it in half, to make two birds.
The pink heart wings I traced with a heart cookie cutter.
I punched out the white circles for the eyes and drew the little orange feet the best that I could.
That's when I decided to use the adhesive hearts, instead of trying to cut smaller hearts.

I pulled up the picture from Moments of Mommyhood blog so we could follow step by step.

Viola! I think they are adorable!

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