Saturday, October 2, 2010

Letter E Week: Elephants

We began our week reading the book Elmer by: David McKee
This book is about a patchwork elephant who wants to be normal like the other elephants,then comes to realize that he doesn't like blending in with the crowd.

To go along with our Elmer theme I Googled Elmer and found him to color.
So the children colored their patchwork Elmer and we made an elephant parade banner.

I found templates HERE for more elephants they could color and add to their banner.

Next I took a foam paint brush and painted their hands gray. They firmly placed their hands on a piece of white cardstock turned it upside down, added eyes,ears,and a tail to create an elephant! Some children even added a tree to their art. This will go into their ABC binders. So cute!
craft found HERE

We also worked on elephant matching.

E in this picture is for EATING  crayons!

And read Walt Disney's Dumbo

E is for Eyes

All EYES on Ee...
This Ee template is found at DLTK-Kids, craft from HERE
This will go their binders.

E is for Eggs
I drew the letter E on paper, cut egg shapes from scrap paper and the children glued them on their E.
craft found HERE

We completed our week by doing a little alphabet matching..


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