Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fire Safety Week

Fire Safety
We learned about Fire Safety last week and even dressed the part! The boys brought their fire trucks to daycare and really enjoyed their day as Jr. Fire Chief's.

I read the book Stop, Drop, and Roll by Margery Cuyler . They were very interested in this story about a little girl who worried about everything, and now finds something new to worry about Fire Safety!
So, we all learned how to stop, drop, and roll that day and each child received a certificate to bring home to show their parents. I found these certificates on www.makingleaningfun.com ,they have lots on Fire Safety.

Here's more
They also learned safe escape routes and meeting places outside the home incase there were a fire.
 They also learned what is NOT safe to play with! These boys did not know what matches were, but I explained to them if they saw them they must bring them to an adult, they can not play with them!
A fun craft!
 We made Fire Trucks and Fire Men! I found this great idea at preschoolplaybook.com under
Fire Prevention. There you will find the pattern for the firemen .

F is for Firetruck- Do a dot sheet

Dot to Dot + painting

Dot Marker Dalmations

We also read these books..

And I found this awesome video on youtube..

And this completed our Fire Safety Week!

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