Sunday, September 16, 2012

Letter Cc Week | Circus Unit

First I want to show everyone what the front of the children's binders look like this year. We were late on getting binders. This year I thought I would get a little more creative. I like them!

This week we were on the Letter Cc and a Circus Unit. The unit is from Homeschool Creations.

Front of their lap book

 The inside of their lap book. The left and right side are different things that belong in the Circus. Circus tickets with numbers and the child's name. 
A clown book from, which is a resource CD for pre-schoolers I purchased a few years ago. 

 An emergent reader book we read each day along with going over things in the lap book.

 Cotton Candy color book. These are always fun. 

Cut and sort



 Another pre-writing sheet, I find he did a little better with this one. I made this with a yellow hi-lighter.

Other things that start with Cc

Circus puzzle
This will go in their binders.

Here are the books we read this week...

Awesome books!


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^ thank you so much! ^

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