Sunday, August 26, 2012

Letter Aa | Astronaut Unit

Our preschool lessons are back in session. This week we started with the letter A and our focus is Astronauts. It was a short week and could have spent more time on this unit. 

We read the book 
"I want to Be an Astronaut"
by: Byron Barton
This is a simple text book introducing children to space.

This is the front of their lapbooks.

The inside
 The inside includes space words with picture recognition. The lap books are almost the same each with for repetition. 
Also included size sorting rockets. 
 The count down to blast off, counting backwards from 10. They really enjoyed this and shouting Blast Off!

 Rocket colors, following color directions.
 This is our space wall. Introduction to the universe.
Find and color the letter Aa.
I let them use dot markers for this.

Do a Dot astronaut page

 Astronaut puzzle
this will go into their ABC Binders

 Pre-writing practice

 Other things that begin with the letter Aa.

Rocket Craft
this will also go into their ABC Binders

And that was our week!
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You can find this unit and activities here:
The Rocket Craft came from Totally Tots

If I have missed anyone for credit, please let me know and I will correct the post.

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