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Letter Ff | Farm and Farm Animals

This week we were on the Letter Ff and our focus was "Farms and Farm animals." Concentrating on the sounds animals make, what's on a farm, learning farm related songs, and reading books geared towards farm life, or farm animals.

First we started reading in our lap books. Saying each animal and their sound and colors.

At the top of the lap book was a cut and paste sheet "What can people use from animals?"
After matching these together, this was a great opportunity to bring the items I had here at home to show them. Of course I had all but the goats milk. The feathers probably were not from a duck, they were ones we use for crafts, but it helped for them to get a hands on experience. And more opportunity to talk about how important farms and farms animals are to us.

We read the book
Who's on the Farm?
by: Dorothea DePrisco
This is a lift the flap book of animal sounds.

Day 2
We read our "At the Farm" book found in our lap book.
Then did a do a dot Ff  sheet

 Then we read the story
"Big Red Barn"
by: Margret Wise Brown

After story telling it was time for a craft.

 They made a Farm Tractor. This will go in their ABC Binders.

And we learned the song BINGO! What a lot of fun this turned out to be.

Day 3
Matching the Farm Animals

 This activity caused so many giggles, why, they were laughing because the animals didn't
have a back end! What?! They are so silly! For the tots I glued the FRONT end of the animal and let them match the BACK end. For the older child, he can do this by his self.

 Farm Words
This was specifically for the five year old.  
Which he really enjoyed!

Everyone had a color sheet of a cow. This one happened to be red, someone's favorite color.

 And this work sheet was to count the babies and place the number in the box.

 And that was our week!
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Activity sheets provided from:
Kid Sparkz my curriculum

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