Thursday, December 29, 2011

this or that thursday | Practicing with Textures & Actions

I've been practicing using textures and actions in PSE. 
I've downloaded Kim Klassen 12 Days of textures which I love and I'm really enjoying using textures. Also found a few fun textures on Flickr. paint the moon also has free actions that I've been practicing with. Both are equally as enjoyable. I hope to be able to use these from time to time in my Foto Friday link up. Any advice or suggestions are always welcome.
this texture is from KK called Back In

the texture here I  found on Flickr,used PTM actions Vanilla Pop and added a frame.

I have a daisy blooming in my kitchen window. I felt this image was over exposed so I ran PTM actions and KK Fall in.

I'm Sharing here too:

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Ellie said...

I really like your first picture - the reflection of the bridge in the water is very clear.

Tamar SB said...

Those look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bridge reflection shot! WoW! =)

deb duty said...

Beautiful images! You did great. It's fun isn't it? I love playing with textures!

CameraCruise said...

I haven't tried textures yet.

RetroFlirt said...

Great images!

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