Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent Calender Day 2 | Tree Ornament

Yesterday we posted our first Advent Calender activity, and which almost immediately it was featured on Craft Gossip! Yay, so exciting! Be sure and check out our craft.

For Day 2 the activity was to make a Tree Ornament and watch a Christmas movie. We watch O' Christmas which is about a bear cub who could not sleep through Winter because of his parents snoring. So he decides to go exploring because he has never seen the snow.

Today we made a Tree Ornament for the Christmas tree. I found this craft at Mermaids' Makings, an Egg Carton Christmas Tree.

Gather the supplies:

cardboard egg carton-I used one from a 2 1/2  dozen size
green tempera paint
paint  brushes
spangles and buttons-not shown
tot trays
hot glue

After the carton was cut they began painting all the carton pieces.

 Below I cut holes in some to hang with ribbon. This is the top of tree ornament.
 Next I used the hot glue gun to glue the carton pieces on top of one another. Then the kids began to decorate with buttons and spangles.
And that's it, a Christmas Tree Christmas Ornament.

I did a Guest Post at Cachey Mama's Classroom on how to make a Reindeer Christmas Ornament. Make sure and stop by.
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