Monday, September 26, 2011

Letter Cc Week | Cats

Letter Cc Lap Books
 These lap books are for the three and four year olds above. Not much difference from the tots except they have a tracer sheet.



 This Letter C 'Cathy Cook' book is so super cute and now I can't remember where I found it.
 Tot lap books. On the left side of their lap books are Domestic cats, and on the right side are Wild cats, I googled the images and glued in the folders. The tots have a C is for cat color sheet from Twisty Noodle, they also have a Facebook page. Lots of printable's on their site.

Here is a worksheet the three and four year olds had. Draw the correct number of whiskers on the cat.
Found HERE.


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Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

What a fun activity, Lori. I wish I had known you when my boys were in preschool! :)

One Cool Lunch said...

Great ideas! New follower from the Monday Hop, please follow back.


Mikki said...

Oh, I'm going to love this blog! I just wanted to thank you for supporting my first blog hop. I am following you now and truly look forward to reading more of your posts!

Party Of Four said...

What a great activity!! Thanks for sharing!

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