Monday, September 5, 2011

5 A Day Books

5 a day books

We are now starting over with our alphabet and letter crafts this week. We are beginning a study on apples with our letter Aa. Here are the books we will be reading this week to go along with our apple and letter Aa study.

A was once an Apple Pie
by: Edward Lear
This book has a collection of twenty-six nonsense rhymes, one for each letter of the alphabet.  

I Am an Apple
by: Jean Marzollo
This story depicts a bud on a apple tree as it grows into an apple, ripens, is harvested, and provides seeds as a promise for the future.

Max & Mo
Go Apple Picking
by: Patricia Lakin
Max & Mo are the class hamsters, shows how they have fun when the students return from apple picking. This books contains intructions on how to make apple sauce and apple prints.

Ten Apples Up On Top!
by: Dr.Seuss 
This book is about a lion, a dog, and a tiger having a contest to see how many apples they can pile on their heads.

Ten Red Apples
by: Pat Hutchins
In rhyming verses, the animals in this book, neighs, moos, quacks and oinks and make other appropriate sounds as each eats an apple from the farmer's tree. 

I you are interested in joining the 5 A Day books you can read more about it here.


brenna said...

Don't forget Johnny Appleseed. My students love my theme week on apples. They learn the names of different varieties of apples and pretend to be Johnny Appleseed.

SarahElisabeth said...

We love "How to make an apple pie and see the world" and of course, making apple pie.

LadyD said...

Thanks for the BFB follow and FB visit. We love Ten Apples Up On Top!

Amanda said...

My son (and I) LOVE Ten Red Apples. It's so cute to hear Jack say "Fee Fee Fiddle dee FEEEE!" We just had to return it to the library last week. :(

Anna @ The Imagination Tree said...

Ooo what a lovely theme for September! I would love some of those apple books. Thanks for the recommendations.

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