Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mothers Days Past

Not having a blog three years ago, I'm posting our past three years of Mothers Day crafts.
This years will have to be a different post, in order not to spoil the surprise!

Mothers Day 2008

This Mothers Day the children made fruit smoothie recipe cards for their mom.
I printed this from the curriculum we use and they glued to cardstock.
We actually  made the strawberry banana smoothie and it was so good!

Mothers Day 2009

This Mothers Day I went to the nursery and bought a flat of Gerber Daisies for my garden.
I saved some for the children to plant in pots for their moms for Mothers Day.
 They really enjoyed their morning being outside,playing in dirt and planting flowers.
 Something for mom is always fun to make, especially for her day! 
He decided to pull it in and out the pot! :)
 We are done.
 Time to clean up, I can do it by myself!
 We brought the flowers inside and I wrapped them in tissue paper and ribbon to look pretty for mom!
 I added a craft stick with their name on it, placed it in the soil of the pot, so we knew who they were for/from. You can see in this photo.
 They were very excited!

Mothers Day 2010

This Mothers Day the children made cards.
I found a template for a tea cup and saucer and cut it out and they glued in place.
I had the letters from a scrapbook kit and spelled Tea Time and the children placed a tea bag in the cup!
The inside simply said Happy Mothers Day and I Love You with the child's name.

These were so much fun for us all!

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Rose said...

These are such cute and creative gifts.

brenna said...

My 3-4 year old early childhood students are going to make a tea cup project and attach a tea bag to it for Mother's Day. The tea cup pattern I have is similar to this one. Great idea.

A Hootie Hoot said...

Love these homemade gifts. Great idea! I bet the kids had such a great time making them.

Love the design of your blog! Following you now!

Lori said...

They really did have a good time! They love making crafts and anything for mom is even better! :)

phasejumper said...

Love how the tea bag goes right into the card!

Crisc said...

AWW so cute!

Jolanthe said...

too cute!!!

Lori said...

Thanks everyone! :)

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