Monday, May 30, 2011

5 A Day Books

5 a day books
Last week we began the 5 a Day Books hosted by The Imagination Tree
We are all enjoying this and it's working out quite well.

These are the books I've chosen for this week.
Who Stole the Cookies? by: Judith Moffatt
This is a really cute book that takes off from the children's chant.
The book has repetitive questions, and rhymes along the way to try and solve the mystery of who stole the cookies!

Cowboy Small by: Lois Lenski
This book has short text on every page explaining how this young cowboy takes care of his horse, rides the range,  helps in a roundup, and and rides a bucking bronco. Cowboy Small does it all!

Ten Dogs In The Window by: Claire Masurel
A repetitive text rhyming book about ten dogs in a window at a pet store. 
It counts down the dogs until all of them have an owner.  

I Love You, Blue Kangaroo! by: Emma Chichester Clark
This a sweet book!  I chose this book for it's repetitive text as well.
Lily has plenty stuffed animals, but none can replace her blue kangaroo!

The Very Quiet Cricket by: Eric Carle
Love his books! Another book with repetitive text. I love the illustrations, and how this book can hold the child's interest.  I love the greeting used on every page. This book can help teach a child the proper way to greet someone in the morning, afternoon, night, or just when you see them! Just a different take on this book.


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Anna @ The Imagination Tree said...

I think I need to get "i Love You Blue Kangaroo" as I keep seeing it mentioned everywhere! Great list, thanks for sharing!

Lori said...

I always wanted it from the library and it's always checked out! So finally I was able to check it out. Oh so adorable!

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