Monday, May 30, 2011

Homemade Puffy Paint Creations

 Puffy paint is loads of fun! 
We made this craft two years ago on Arts & Crafts Day!
 I used old boxes torn apart for them to paint on.
 I mixed each color in a separate bowl with Q-tips and they began to paint.
At first it looks like a big mess. But after placing them in the microwave, they turned out great!

I found the recipe at Skip to My Lou

1 tablespoon self rising flour
A few drops of food coloring
1 tablespoon salt
Add water to make a smooth paste.

Use thick cardboard to paint on with paint brushes or Q-tips
When completed with the art, microwave on High for 10-30 seconds.

Sorry my pictures aren't clear. I took these with my cell phone. 


Eschelle said...

What a cool idea!!

Lori said...

Eschelle give it a try, it was so fun! I know ww will be doing this again soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

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