Friday, April 15, 2011

Morning Play: Sidewalk Chalk Fun

This morning was just to beautiful to sit inside! So I told the boys to get their shoes on and  lets go play in the driveway! They had no idea what I meant!

I gathered the sidewalk chalk and told them to have a good time!
 At first they just doodled around.

So I suggested a couple of ideas.
They started by tracing each other, how fun..

And then they created some wonderful art!
Here's an Easter egg..
A rainbow...
The sun...

a kangaroo...
he was very concerned about how many toes a kangaroo had!
And this little gal was very content taking the chalk in and out the bag...

 then she sat in my lap and this is what I saw. She was covered in chalk dust!



Jessica.B said...

I really like the Easter egg & the heart at the end :)

Lori said...

TY! I love that heart too!

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