Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Letter Oo Week

Today we began our week by reading
Good Thing You're Not an Octopus! By: Julie Markes
This is a cause and effect book. A little boy finds out that life is pretty easy compared to what it could be.
It's pretty funny as well. The boys all week kept telling me, but Ms.Lori maybe you should be an octopus,then you would have more hands to get more done! Humm..maybe so I said. :)

Octopus Craft
Items we used
o template from here
construction paper
dot markers
googly eyes
First they used the dot markers to decorate the o.
Then I cut the streamers to glue for the legs. 
Last they added the eyes and a smile.
Octopus idea came from here
This craft will go into their binders.

Then they practiced Big to small octopus'.
Octopus printable from here
I had my own Big to small sheet. I just printed the octopus'.
Then they worked on a color by letter.


I read the book
Sam and the Firefly by: P.D.Eastman
The book is about Sam the owl looking for a friend to play with at night. The only friend he could find awake was Gus the firefly. Together they become great friends. But Gus runs into some trouble along the way, and Sam has to help out.

O is for orange owl
I found this idea here

I used the upper case O from DLTK website printed from before.
The children used their orange dot markers to dot around the O and I cut it out.
They glued onto construction paper. I cut the head in sort of a triangle shape,punched the blue eyes with a 1 inch hole punch. Then I cut wings and feet. They glued in place and added googly eyes!
I love owls and I love this craft.
This will go into their ABC Binders 

Opposites Day-Opposites Books
We had Opposites Day and I made opposites books.
You can read that post HERE

Big O little o
Here I drew the capital letter on a sheet of paper and the lower case o on multi label stickers.
They love doing this activity. Helps them identify a difference in letters. And works on fine motor skills.

My Book about Oo
I print these letter books each week to read together and they color.
Below is what a page looks like.

O is for the color orange
printable sheet here

Do a dot letter o sheet here
They practiced pre-writing 
sheet found here

And that was our week!
Thanks for visiting!

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