Friday, February 25, 2011

Letter Jj Week

Letter Jj: Jungle

We began our week reading
Deep in the Jungle by: Dan Yaccarino
This book is about an arrogant lion who was tricked into joining the circus, then escapes and returns to the jungle with the other animals he used to terrorize,now wanting to be friends.

The children made a Jungle craft that will go in their ABC Binders
 I drew the letter J and the tree top on construction paper and let them color it. I cut them out and they glued it on their paper. I googled jungle animals and printed theses out for them to color.
They also added grass to the Jungle scene.
craft found HERE

Big J little j
Bad picture I know..
I drew the capital letter J on a sheet of paper, then I used multi label stickers and wrote the little j on them.
The children place the little j around the Big J. This helps them to identify the differences in the letters.

J is for Jump
We LOVE this book!
It's a cumulative tale about a frog trying to catch a fly without getting caught himself.
After the story the children put together a Jump, Frog, Jump! craft.

             They really enjoyed this craft and the book! This craft will also go in their binders.

This is their book about Jj.
I print an alphabet book each week for them to color in and we read together.

And that was our week, we had fun!

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