Friday, March 4, 2011

Letter Kk Week

K is for Kite
The Kite by Mary Packard
This book is a First Reader book, about a little boy flying a kite.

After we read the book we made a patchwork kite.
This will go in their binders.

We started off with this template I copied from one of my preschool/teacher workbooks.
They colored the bow and I cut it out so they could start decorating their kites.
They put glue all over, tore construction paper....
 and put their patchwork kite together.
They added yarn for string and put the bow in place.
Here are all of them completed.
craft found here

K is for Kangaroo
I read the book "Who are you,Baby Kangaroo?" by Stella Blackstone
This book is about a curious little puppy who's wants to know what a baby kangaroo is called.

After I read the story we made a K is for kangaroo craft that will go in to their ABC Binders
I found this craft here

Big K-little k
For this learning activity I printed the Kk template from dltk-kids
I used multi purpose label stickers and wrote the lower case k on them.The children stick them on the capital K, and we say Big K, little k until they are done, well almost.
I used the lower case k for the kangaroo craft above.

Do a dots sheets..
These can be found here from Confessions of a Homeschooler
 I print their alphabet books out each week to read together and color in.
 They completed their week by tracing and coloring a kangaroo.

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