Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Craft | Hand Print Monsters

 Now what child doesn't love fun little monster's and paint!
 I absolutely love, love the way this craft turned out and so did they.
Lots of giggles here!

I found this wonderful craft over at Little Learners Lounge. She painted feet too. I choose not to and thought hands would be enough since we were working on more than one craft today.

You may have noticed from the pictures we didn't paint each finger every time or omitted the thumb. This made for an interesting, yet adorable monster! And I love the way we could create a mouth in the palm of the hands in the first picture.

Items we used for craft:
Yellow construction paper
Tempera paints
Googly eyes
Marker to draw a mouth
Glue for eyes

Book to go with craft:

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