Monday, April 30, 2012

The Tiny Seed

We have been on a Garden Unit
One of the books we read was
The Tiny Seed
by: Eric Carle
The book is about a seed traveling through the elements and seasons.

We made a craft to go along with the book.
We inspected some seeds first and learned a new song.

I found this song at Homeschool Creations in the Garden Unit.

Supplies used for craft below:
white cardstock
package of seeds
orange and red paint
paint brushes and paint tray
green marker
yellow and brown crayon

 I cut the white cardstock into a flower shape
 Then the children painted the flower orange and red to match the flower in the book.
They glued their flower to another piece of white cardstock.
They added a sun, dirt, stem, leaves, and glued the seeds in the middle.

This was a very fun project!

There is also a youtube video we watched later on in the week, here is the link:

 Thanks for stopping by, Lori

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