Friday, February 10, 2012

Foto Friday | Vivid

Happy Friday to all and Welcome to Foto Friday!

Last week's theme was "Hands"
I love all the interpretations for this prompt!

I have two feature's this week!
 The first one is Melanie's from Happy Jax. I love everything about this photo, his cute little face and hands and the processing for this image. Just beautiful and the composition is on key. Great Job Melanie!

The second image is from Em at then along came boy. The post processing on this one is perfect for the capture. I love how the tones are muted and the composition is on key for this one as well! Great job!

I want to thank y'all both for sharing these photos with Foto Friday!

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This week theme is "Vivid"

 Vivid meaning:  producing a strong or clear impression on the senses :sharpintensespecifically : producing distinct mental images.

That definition just says it all!
My sister text "go look at the moon!" So I knew I must bring my camera along. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. Almost spooky yet so beautiful. I spent a good amount of time snapping away. With my eyes I could see the craters in the moon, but every image came out glowing like the sun shining. Especially on the last shot, this is a very strong Vivid image. Such beauty, I was captivated by the moon!

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LadyD said...

LOVE your moon shots. I have yet to conquer night time shooting. Great photos! I'll try to link up when I can. Really like the new header!

Em S said...

Ya! Thanks for the feature! I LOVE your vivid shots!

Katherines Corner said...

Beautiful photos! I hope my post meets your theme if not, please feel free to remove it. Big Hugs and hoping your weekend is a sweet one xo said...

Love your moon shots. I can never quite get night time photography. Great job!

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

you're soo creative!

i really love your shots!

happy weekend!

Melanie said...

OOOOOOOMMMMMGosh! Thanks Lori! I am honored. There were so many fabulous photos last week! Thanks mama! Congrats to my sweet friend Em too! She just rocks!


Melanie said...

Btw, your sky/moon shots are the definition of vivid, & beautiful!

Leovi said...

Wonderful photos, really impress those dark skies. I love them. Greetings and good weekend.

Patrice said...

Great choice of winners!

Lauren said...

So pretty! Great shots!!

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