Monday, January 30, 2012

Project 366 Rewind 2012 | Week 4

Naptime Momtog

This is my favorite photo for the month:

I'm getting better at remembering I need to get a picture everyday.  
I wake up now thinking about it. Does anyone else do that? 

Sunday- I finished the birthday cards for my twin nieces. 

Monday  morning  I wanted to try my hand at shooting droplets. I laid a tarp on the wet ground  and gave it a try.  I was hoping for clearer images, but this was my first attempt. I still like what  I have. I have a different image on my Wordless Wednesday post.

Tuesday on the back  porch, seems the rain is here  for awhile.

Wednesday I went outside to get  pictures of the neighbors chickens, of course they ran off when they saw me coming. But this guy was at the front door so I snapped a few of  him.

Thursday this guy was trying hard to play with the puppy, but she kept running away.

Friday -  We had a party going on around here!  Happy 2nd birthday little Big Girl!

Saturday my niece and I found a new antique shop and this is what I found! 

And this was my week in pictures, see ya next week!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Love the raindrop on the grass shot. Great find with the camera too.

tinajo said...

Congrats to your 2-yearold, love the pics! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Birthday. :) I love your new/old camera. Love your water drops too. Beautfiul.

Tamar SB said...

What a rainy and exciting week! I wake up thinking about what I cold photograph that day - what about that day is special to be the picture of the day!

Gina Kleinworth said...

WOW- what a find at an antique shop!!! A TREASURE!!!

Chelsea said...

Love the droplets!

Kim said...

Lori, these are great shots. I love the lizard!

L. said...

Such great phots--your cards are just amazing! I can't believe you made them yourself! :D

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