Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advent Calender Days 10,11, & 12

Today I'm posting days 10, 11, & 12 of our Advent Calender!

Day 10: Painting Pine Cones
 We gathered the supplies:
pine cones
white paint
paint brushes
paint trays
Glitter Shakers provided to us from craftprojectideas which was perfect for this craft!

 Paint the pine cone

 Shake on the glitter

 Beautiful to display anywhere!

Day 11: Making Simple Snowmen

We gathered our supplies:
white cardstock
black and orange  construction paper

I used a plate to trace the a circle for the snowman's face
a small top to trace his eyes and I free handed the carrot nose and his mouth
The children glued in place. One child can cut pretty good by his self. I helped the tots.

Very simple for them and they loved it! I found this at School Time Snippets, she used paper plates instead of cutting out cardstock. I just didn't have any paper plates.

Day 12: Making Paper Snowflakes
 Supplies we used:
paper and scissors

 fold paper in half and cut edges, and in center. Continue to fold and cut until you can't cut anymore.

Now I realize this isn't round like a snowflake, but I was trying to show seven children today. Only two could cut really well. So I  am very pleased with the results and so were they. I'm working very hard with the tots on learning to hold the scissors the proper way to be able to cut. We had so much paper on the floor, it looked like it snowed in my house! :)

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Party Of Four said...

Neat ideas! I will have to get some pine cones, Dominic will love making that.

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