Monday, December 5, 2011

Advent Calender Day 5 | Dream Snow

Today's Advent Calender activity said to read a Christmas Book. 
The book we chose was
Dream Snow
by Eric Carle
This is a musical book about a farmer who celebrates Christmas after the first snowfall. 
After he awakens from a dream he discovers that it really has snowed, puts on his red suit and brings gifts to the animals and places them under the musical tree.

On the last page they show a bare tree with ornaments, tinsel and gifts under the musical tree. For our craft we were to replicate the musical tree. We were going to add gifts, but the tots said "I'm done!" So we were done. :)

To make the tree I traced cut out a bare tree on thin cardboard.
The children colored it brown and added spangles for the ornaments and silver glitter glue for tinsel. Maybe will we gets gifts under the tree later.

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