Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving Books

These are our Thanksgiving books we are reading, I thought I would share.

Thanksgiving Mice
By: Bethany Roberts
This is a wonderfully illustrated book about mice who are putting on a Thanksgiving play for their woodland friends.

The Story Of The Pilgrims
By: Katherine Ross
A story of the Pilgrims voyage across the Atlantic ocean to America, describing their first year through a harsh winter to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving
By: Dav Pilkey
 This is a funny story of how eight boys and girls go on a field trip to a farm, only to discover that the farmer plans on killing the turkeys for Thanksgiving dinners. They decide to smuggle all the turkeys
and bring home with them.

10 Fat Turkeys
By:Tony Johnston
This a counting and rhyming book about ten silly turkey friends.
The illustrations are very cute and funny.

The Lonely Scarecrow
By: Tim Preston
This story is about a lonely scarecrow with a scary face who has trouble making friends, until one heavy snowfall that transforms him into a jolly snowman.

The Shy Scarecrow
By: Mary Packard
This a cute little simple text book about a scarecrow who is afraid of crows.

If you have any Thanksgiving book suggestions please let me know.

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