Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sensory/Discovery Bin

This week our bin is about bears!

The bin includes:
  • one brown bear
  • one coffee can wrap in leaves for a bear cave, lid used for pretend lake
  • leaves in different colors
  • different types and colors of rock
  • acorns
  • plastic tree
  • moss rocks
  • items for scooping
  • ice trays
  • leaf trays

I sat them down and explained to them everything that was in the bin before they got hold of it.
Because I knew they couldn't wait to dive in! 
 They took quickly to the ice trays, and that didn't get an explanation! They loved it!
 He quickly made a salad. Did I mention I believe he will grow up to become a chef? I've said that so many times!
 And of course you know you must try on the leaf tray to see if it will make a good hat!
They are having an awesome time!

Later we read the book 
Runny Honey by Jane Clarke
This book is about a honey loving bear who gets the stuff everywhere, which leaves to some unwelcome visitors!

So to go with the book we ate croissants with honey on them for our snack and talk about good! 

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Our Country Road said...

This is adorable!! Love the acorns!

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