Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sensory Bin or Discovery Box

Apple - Red - Fall Sensory Bin

I'm not exactly sure what to call our bin. It's discovering of new things, learning new ways to play and build and create with old things added with new, it appeals to all senses. It sure keeps them engaged with whatever to call it. And they sure are enjoying it!

This bin is a concoction of things. I was aiming for an apple, red, Fall theme. 
Inside the bin are red and green apples.
Red, green,yellow, orange, leaves.
Red blocks, alphabet letters, cars, chenille pipe cleaners and stacking cups.
Straws of different colors.
I also bought each child a Fall leaf tray from the Dollar Tree to play with in the bin as well.
Lot's of sorting!

Lot's of filling and scooping!


Lot's of imaginative fun!

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

Looks like a blast! I love how you got them each leaf trays to put all their discoveries in. How fun!

brenna said...

My ece class has an entire theme week on apples. They love it. They learn the names of different apple varieties and make homemade applesauce. One of the best weeks of the fall.

The Sunshine Crew said...

Looks very colorful and fun! Am just getting back into the groove after being gone for most of the last few weeks from blogging and Twitter. Looks like your year is off to a wonderful start.
:) Colleen (F5th on Twitter)

Lori said...

It sure feels like we could do so much more than we have done. There are so many wonderful apple theme things to do. And not really a whole lot of time to cover it. I love doing this one. I love the Fall so we will have more things later.

Jansen Family said...

What a great idea! I saw you on the FNF hop and am so glad! I also have a home daycare so I can stay home with my kiddos! I can't wait to get to know you better!

Carla @ Jansen Family Adventures

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