Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Letter Aa Week

Today we read the book 'Max & Mo Go Apple Picking" by: Patricia Lakin
Max and Mo are two hamsters that live in a classroom and are tired of eating corn. When the children go apple picking, so do Max and Mo. This book contains a recipe on how to make applesauce and how to make apple prints.

Before our craft we decided to have an apple tasting extravaganza. All the children brought to daycare a different kind of apple that morning for this reason. We had a whole basket full!

I made an apple graph for us to see which ones we liked and which ones we didn't like.

Now it was off to what they had all been waiting for. Painting with apples! They just couldn't stand it any longer!
I set up two large sheets of paper on the table for them to share and paint on.
 By the way. These large sheets of paper and several other types were donated to my daycare from a lady that works at a printing company. This is paper that no one can use and would normally get thrown out. Can you believe that?! I am so thankful she is bringing it here to us, it will get used!

I brought out red, green, and white tempera paint and craft sticks to place in the apple to use as a handle.
They really had a great time!




So beautiful! 

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