Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dinner at the Panda Palace | Letter Bb week + Product Review

I love this book! I purchased this book over the weekend for $1.50 at an antique store along with several others. I couldn't get over the reasonable prices there, I was so excited!
This book is a counting book from 1-10, about a panda bear who has to make room for several patrons at his restaurant. The children loved it! And so did I.

Before I show you our craft for today, I want to tell you about a product I was contacted to review. 
Craft Project Ideas contacted me to do a review on their Kids Crafts products that are available at 
Wal-Mart. It's from their Rainy Day Survival Kits.

Here are the products we are reviewing below...
The Ultimate Fuzzy Kit-Included 300 pieces, pom poms large and small, glitter poms, googly eyes, fuzzy sticks, glitter sticks,and wild animal fuzzy sticks.
Six pack of brightly colored washable finger paints.

Today we used the blue and red finger paint mixed together to make purple.
Googly eyes
Large pom poms

Items from home used
Card stock cut in different sized circles
tacky glue
clothes pins

Panda Bear Craft
Here we gathered the supplies and placed in the center of the table. Notice the green fuzzy sticks, we didn't use. Didn't have enough room.

We used the clothes pins to clip the pom poms on and used as paint brush. 

They began by painting the panda's ears.

Good and messy fun!

Super cute! They added all their pieces, googly eyes, and drew a mouth after it dried.

Now what do I have to say about their products. Well I have used their craft supplies before and have always love them. They are reasonable priced, that's number one when searching for craft supplies like I do having a daycare. We go through supplies like crazy. They are good quality and I have never had a problem with them. 

The finger paints are washable as stated. They washed right off the children's hands at clean up time. The package they sent to us was a sample package. We use all of the red and blue containers. But I will keep those two containers, they will come in handy for something. I believe in recycling! 

Now stay tuned I will be having a giveaway real soon! My first anniversary for my blog will be here soon, so I though it would be nice to have a giveaway!  

Disclaimer: I received these products from for free for trying their products out for the purpose of this review.  This review is my honest opinion of this product and I was not paid for this review or my opinion.   

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Dee said...

Hi Lori,

Hopping in from Colleen's Curious Hop.

What age groups do you cater to?

Lori said...

Right now I have 18mos. to 4years old.

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