Monday, August 15, 2011

Balloon Painting

This was my first time balloon painting with the children. All of the children are age three and under expect for one boy who will be five in December. I tried explaining what we were doing with the balloons and paint to the younger children, but I swear all they heard me say was BALLOONS! lol

Here I had them all set up and began showing them what to do.

He naturally took off an began painting. He asked what do I paint?
I said whatever you want and try different colors. He loved that idea.

Here is the three year old above, she had a blast.
 The others had more fun chasing balloons after a bit. They did paint as you can see. I kept hearing balloons popping and kids saying MY BALLOON POPPED! I had more to blow up, really I'm not sure what happened to all of them by the time it was all over. OOPS!
 She loved playing in the paint, but I'm not sure if she appreciated it being all over her hands. :)

We had a really good time!

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I have been going to try this ! Looks like a great time.

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