Sunday, July 3, 2011

Letter Vv Week

We began our week of the letter V by reading the 
Magic School Bus Blows Its Top
A Book About Volcanoes
By: Gail Herman
They loved the story of how the school children traveled with their teacher in a magic school bus deep in the ocean to discover how volcanoes are born.

After reading the book it was time to make a Homemade Volcano. This was so much fun.
You can read that post HERE if you would like to try this too.

After all the excitement died down we made another volcano. This one will go in their ABC Binders
 For this craft I drew a volcano shape on brown construction paper. The kids colored on their volcano and cut them out and glued to another sheet of paper. Then added red, orange, and yellow streamers for the hot lava shooting out.  I found this craft here.

Letter Vv Lapbooks
We read and colored in our Vv books together. The kids worked in their lap books throughout the week, with size sorting violins, tracing and pre-writing the letter Vv, and drawing a volcano in their books. Inspiration for this lap book came from here.

On the back they worked on patterns again this week.

V is for vase
 Here I drew the letter V on construction paper and they colored and cut out. Then glued to another sheet of paper. I cut flowers and leaves to add to the top for their vase. These will also go in their binders. Craft found here.

More Vases

We made another vase using TP rolls
 Supplies Used:

  • TP rolls
  • craft sticks
  • glue
  • tempera paint
  • marker
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • construction paper (I pre-cut the flowers and leaves)

They first painted their TP rolls, and set aside to dry.

 Next used their marker to color their craft sticks green for the stem.

 Next they gathered their flowers and began putting the pieces together.
And here they all are below.
We made this a couple of years ago as an Easter bouquet for Mom.
We used patterned paper for the flowers.  

V is for Vegetables 
 The kids put together a vegetable plate. I pre-cut these the night before and thought they would enjoy this craft. They talked about the vegetables they were placing on their plates as if it were real!
They said "I really don't like radishes or celery!" Meaning they really didn't want it on their plate! Haha!

They also worked on Vv sounds sheet.

More pre-wrinting

And that was our week!


Rose @ Walnut Acre said...

I love all the fun Vv activities,especially the vases.

Lori said...

Thanks, they enjoy them too! They loved the homemade volcano!

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