Friday, July 29, 2011

Foto Friday | Down Low

Happy Foto Friday Everyone!
Loved last week's "Brown" photos, thanks for sharing your awesome pictures!
I really worried about this theme, as it may have seemed a bit odd. But I did see
where everyone had great interpretations of the theme and that's what it's all about!

This photo from Mom Tried It of  her fungus is just awesome!
I really love every detail about this photo. Although I do not know much about PSE, I have tried it out and that is a plus for me! And the clarity of this photo is impressive. 

Now for the "Down Low"
Seems there is a fungus among us, I had to say it! I tried last week to take pictures of mushrooms in my backyard and that just did not work out. Well, with all the rain we have been getting here, this beautiful mushroom appeared in our front yard yesterday. So I literally just took this picture for Foto Friday. I had two other photos which I was very indecisive about. For this photo I used the Digital 10x Macro Lens that I bought from Amazon, that Kim suggested.

So anyway this is my submission for "Down Low" I can't wait to see your photos for this week!
Grab the button and link your photo below and remember to visit others and return to let me know your favorites.
If you are new to Foto Friday you can read here the Foto Friday FAQ.


Next weeks suggested theme "Water"


Kim said...

Oh wow! I am honored. Thank you for featuring my shot.
What version of PSE are you using? There are so many amazing resources for learning it.
Nice shot of the mushroom! I can't believe you got the lenses. :) I really love them. I think you will have fun with them. I can;t wait to see more of your photos.

Elsie said...

I like it so much I found your blog and the challenge of photo friday, I love to see what all other photografers do, like the example's and your idea's. thanks that I can participate, greetings from the Netherlands

Jenn Valmonte said...

That is one pretty mushroom, but am not sure if it would be okay to touch it; I read that colorful mushrooms could be poisonous.

Amanda said...

I like your mushroom picture! I love seeing mushrooms in the ground. They're so unique, and they mean you have good soil, so I guess it's a win-win for us all :)

Kim's fungus picture was a great shot. Good choice!

deb duty said...

I've had tons of mushrooms in my yard lately, but I'm jealous of yours. I keep hoping a red one will show up, but so far only boring white ones for me. Love your photo!

Katie said...

That mushroom is so cute! :)
I didn't get a shot for this week's theme, but am linking up anyway...looks like maybe I'm just a week ahead! ;) said...

Love the mushroom this week. There are some great shots linked up this week just visited them all. Thanks for hosting and love the "water" theme for next week.


Lori said...

Thanks Amber. There really are some great shots this week! I like them every week. :)

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