Thursday, June 9, 2011

Turtle Spin Art

 This is our first attempt at spin art. 
 How do you like my $1.50 thrift store salad spinner? I was so excited to see that there!
 Since we are on turtles this week, I thought we would paint with spin art.

Adding paint here, not sure how much to use.
 Here's the first one.
 They were so excited do this activity!
 Can you tell! Whoa, on the paint! HeHe!
 I told them to spin like crazy!

 These turtles need to be put together after they dry.

Here's the result after cutting and gluing to construction paper.
Super cute! These will go into their binders.

Here are all of them.

I found the turtle print at Making Learning Fun.

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April said...

I remember having a spin art toy as a youngster. It was battery operated and you poured in the paint as it spun. What fun! Thanks for the memories! I'm sure the kiddos loved it!

My Oatmeal Kisses said...

What a great idea! Sometimes kids get sick of coloring their worksheets, how fun to spin art it. They are still really proud of their turtles, but it doesn't take ages to color. Now I've gotta find my own salad spinner!

kyna... said...

You have some great ideas on your blog! I can't wait to read more!

Please come visit me and follow back if you would like to!

Rose said...

I love it! I keep reading about spin art but we haven't tried it yet.

SmileMonsters said...

Love it! We need to make a trip to the $ store for that cheap salad spinner!

Jo @ SmileMonsters

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