Saturday, June 18, 2011

Letter Uu Week and Introduction to Lap Books

We began our week by reading their U books I made made for them.
We read them together and they color the pages on the inside.
I make a book each week to go with the letter that we are on.

U is for Umbrella
After reading the book we made a fun umbrella with rain drops craft I found over at Mama Jenn.
First we put an umbrella together and and added dots of glue all over the paper.
I always tell them one dot is a lot. :)

And then they were hung on the blinds to drip down to look like rain drops!
They loved watching this!

This is what they look like dry!
These will go into their binders. This was a fun craft!

Introduction to Lap Books

Today I introduced the kids to lap books. I felt like I didn't quite know what I was doing here.
However they seem to enjoy them. One child called it his scrapbook! Love it! :)

 Here's the inside. This total concept came from Pocketful of Posies
The Uu tracer sheet is from DLTK-kids

 Do you know the umbrella man?

This is the cutest little book! I didn't show the whole book but it's in their lap books.It's sung to the tune Do you know the muffin Man? They really enjoyed it!

The back of their lap books..
They worked on patterns here. I thought that would be fun for them.

Let's Make it RAIN!

Today we did a little science experiment to see if we could make it rain!
For this experiment I needed
a jar
boiling water
and ice

 First pour the boiling water about a 1/3 way full in the jar and put the plate on top.
Wait a couple of minutes and add the ice
 After a bit you will notice the condensation building
You can see a little in this picture it's dripping along the sides.
I explained to them how heat rises touching the cold plate causing it to drip along the sides.
I found this idea here and you can read more at Weather Wiz Kids they also have a Facebook page

They also worked on tracer/pre-writing It's Raining sheet

Letter U Do A Dot

Umbrella Matching
 This will go into their binders

Find the hidden capital U and color it purple 
and the lower case u and color orange

And that was our week!

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Nicolette said...

Great week of activities! Love the rain glue and the make it rain project.

Lori said...

TY! Those were our favorites too!

Jackie said...

Great ideas! I like how the glue dripped like rain and your rain making activity. Thanks for linking to me. :)

Lori said...

You're so welcome Jackie! TFS all your wonderful ideas with us!

April said...

That looks like an interesting science experiment

Aimee said...

I LOVE the umbrella idea with the glue rain drops! Come grab your button this week mama- you're gonna be featured this week at The Sunday Showcase!

Amanda said...

Those crafts are awesome! We will definitely be making some of these....thanks for sharing :)

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