Friday, June 24, 2011

Foto Friday #15 Broken

In 2008 Hurricane Gustav hit Louisiana and left a a path of destruction. 
Maybe not as bad as Katrina, but for some of my family and friends it was
pretty horrible. We were very lucky, only without power three days. 
I could have shown a much worse picture of things broken 
from the storm, Gustav or Katrina.
But I thought I would show you what was left of our flag after that storm blew through.
You can say it's broken, but we are not. Another one hangs in its place.

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Amanda said...

Wonderful picture.

Kim said...

Great picture and wonderful philosophy. Thank you for joining in again. I look forward to seeing your pictures every week. :)

The Sunshine Crew said...

Great photo! Hurricanes are so devastating, but it is great when you see a community rebuild.
We had the worst hurricane damage to our home when I was pregnant...went in for a c-section, as it was a very high risk pregnancy, and was prepped for a c-section and they came in and said they did not have enough back up generator power to do the surgery or to care for a high risk little one so they sent me home! That night, Hurricane Isabel hit out home and we had two trees crash through the roof of our home. Luckily, my son stayed put while the aftermath took place and the clean up began and I had him the next week.
So, can really relate to your photo on many levels.

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Have a happy weekend, Lori! Love your blog and added your button to my scrolling blogroll at Sunrise Learning Lab.

Jessi @ Candle in the Night said...

This is such a lovely picture with so much meaning. How wonderful that you have been able to rebuild and move on with your lives.

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