Friday, May 27, 2011

Letter Rr Week

We started off our Letter Rr week by reading
A Rainbow Of My Own by:Don Freeman
This book is about a little boy that uses his imagination to play with rainbows and wants one of his own.

Well, so did we! But how?
So we conducted two science experiments.

You can read how to have a rainbow of your own HERE.
Make a rainbow in a bowl HERE.
These were so much fun!

The next morning I made Rainbow pancakes for them!
They ate the entire batch!

For our craft which will go into their ABC Binders we made retro R's.
I found this idea HERE
 I printed an R template and cut strips of construction paper.
They glued each strip across the R to made it look like a Retro R.
When they were done gluing the strips, I cut the R out and they glued to black construction paper. 
Here are all of them.
They colored a rainbow tracer from HERE
 And practiced their pre-writing skills.

Another activity we made was Rainbow Crayons

Mouse Paint

We read Mouse Paint by:Ellen Stoll Walsh
This book is about three white mice who find jars of paint and discover the world of color.

For our craft to go along with the book we painted rocks to make Rainbow Mice!
I found the craft HERE.
 We used six flat round rocks to paint each one the colors of the rainbow.
Drew a mouse face and glued yarn to match for the tails. I didn't have every color so I used white yarn and  a marker to color it to match the mouse.

Then we didn't know what to do with our mice! So I painted a wooden board white that I found in my garage. Put a hanger on the back, and then I would glue the mice on them.
 Well, that was just to plain.
So I used my cricut to cut some letters that spell Rainbow Mice and added a rainbow to it.
Now the Rainbow Mice are hanging on the wall in their toy room.

More activities for the letter Rr

Letter Rr book

Letter Rr Hunt
I made this sheet myself.
Use dot markers to dot the letter Rr's

 I made this sheet myself.
Stamp the matching letter on the line below.
I just purchased these Melissa & Doug stamps.
They are awesome! We used for the sheet above.

Rainbow Art
 Their Rainbow Art will go into their binders.

And that was our week!
Rainbows are fun!

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Eschelle said...

those are all amazing ideas!

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

awesome ideas Lori & thanks so much for linking back to my post/idea!

What a fun week you guys had! So glad you shared this on this week's Sunday Showcase!


Aimee from Classified: Mom said...

I love the Retro Rainbow R- that is such a great idea! What a fun week full of very colorful activities! Thanks for linking up!
Classified: Mom

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