Friday, April 22, 2011

Foto Friday: #6 Family

My Grandsons First Boat Ride

I love this shot, they appear to be in deep conversation. About what? I don't know, I couldn't hear.

Now Vallon is in Heaven! Just him and his Pops, driving the boat!
I love these guys!

The first two pictures were taken with my Android, my camera battery was exhausted! 
The next two were taken before, sorry for the photo over load, couldn't help myself! :)

Can I tell you, this child had the time of his life! I wasn't sure how he would react being in a boat, on the river, with such roughness of waves, and water splashing. I frankly was very nervous!
He giggled the entire time!

And he received all the attention from other boaters at the dock!

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L. said...

Looks like such a fun time: I especially like the photo of him in his life jacket--so cute! said...

These are wonderful and looks like so much fun. I love the one with he and pops in conversation.


Kim said...

He looks like he really enjoyed his first boat ride. That is one of those moments you will be so happy you captured as he gets older.

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