Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Egg Yarn Painting

This craft is very messy, but a whole lot of fun for kids!

Supplies we Used
precut eight inch Easter eggs on cardstock
different colors of tempera paint
white yarn
paint trays (one for each color)
tot trays

I poured one color of paint into each tray then cut a piece of yarn for each one.
Each child had their cut out egg on their tray and began by taking the yarn and
running it through the paint then over their cut out egg.

Then started using different colors.

And even more! 
Now the colors are vibrant & beautiful!
Thank goodness for the tot trays!
 Messy... but only on there.
Here are all of them.


Inspiration for this craft found HERE.

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Kim said...

Looks like a lot of messy fun. I love messy fun. Very cute.

Lori said...

Thanks,they really enjoyed this craft!

Madeline said...

Thanks for joining in on the Tuesday Fun Hop!

I'm now following!

The Professionally Insane M

mom4 said...

stoping by from link up on homeschool creations
another home childcare provider here
very cute love it and brave !

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