Thursday, March 17, 2011

St.Patrick's Day:Leprechaun Mask

I really didn't have time in this craft to take many pictures. I was helping the kids with this one.
It happens, or I forget to even take pictures.

Supplies I  Used
googled leprechaun hat and printed on white card stock
card stock-white, cut into a 5 inch circle for the face
 orange card stock ( for hair/beard) cut in a 5 1/2 inch scallop, 
I used my cricut machine
googly eyes
craft stick and tape (which are not pictured)

We basically layered each piece together. 

1.We took the beard/hair and glued the white card stock on top & glued on hat.
2.Glued on the eyes
3. They got the marker and made the nose and mouth.
4.Last I taped the craft stick on the back and added their name to it.
With the Luck '0 The Irish we were done!
You see there in that photo someone did not wear GREEN!
Well did he ever get a tickling this morning! 

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