Friday, February 18, 2011

Letter Ii Week


Today we our week by reading the book The Little Island by: Margaret Wise Brown
This book is about a little island in the ocean and how the seasons change.

To go along with the book the children made their I craft that will go into their binders.
I cut everything out for them and let them color it and glue in place.
Idea from No Time For Flashcards

They also practiced their pre-writing/tracing skills here
Sorry no picture.

Ii is for Ice cream

I read the book Ice Cream Bear
by: Jez Alborough
This book is about a bear who falls asleep and dreams it's snowing ice cream.

After reading the book it was time to make an ice cream craft.
 Inspiration for this found HERE
 I drew and cut the cones out and used a 1 inch circle punch and scrap paper for the ice cream.
This doubled as a great counting craft as well!
Then wrote the numbers 1-5 on the cones and we counted scoops as we went along.
This will go in their ABC Binders
 So we continued with the theme except using paint this time.
They dipped their fingers in the paint and we counted ice cream scoops.

Download the Ii tracer/pre-writing sheet HERE

For snack time we had ice cream of course!

Ii is for Insects

We completed the week with insects..
I printed an Ii template from dltk-kids and they glued pictures of insects on their template.
And then we went outside to hunt insects!


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