Friday, September 10, 2010

Letter Aa Week

I found this cute idea from here at Pocketful of Posies...
This will go into their ABC binders.

Supplies needed:
construction paper
googly eyes

I drew the letter A on green construction paper, let the kids color it and then cut it out and glued to another sheet of construction paper.
Cut teeth out and have them glue in place.

Later we did a sheet with a Rhyme on it called Ava, Ava, Alligator
This came from kid sparkz preschool resources.
Then acted it out! They had so much fun with this! Look at those faces!

I also told them the story of Johnny Appleseed. And they colored Johnny Appleseed's tree.

Now it was time to make an apple tree craft.

Items Used:
green construction paper
paper towel tubes
paper plates
brown tempera paint
hot glue/glue
apple clip art

I cut the tree top for the children, and printed clip art from the computer.
Next they painted the paper towel tubes brown for their tree trunks.
After drying I made four cut slices on one end. This was to bend backwards and glue to the paper plate, after decorating. I used hot glue here to help it stand.
They each glued their apples on the tree and colored the paper plate green. And I help them assemble as needed.

 I think they came out cute!


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