Saturday, October 9, 2010

Letter Ff Week: Firefighters

Letter Ff Week: Firefighter

We began our week by reading a book about firefighters.
A First Start-Easy Reader Book-Fire Drill is a book about a fireman named Fred who goes to an elementary school to teach children about fire safety. 

Since October is Fire Safety Month, you can view what we did here.

Firefighter color sheets

F is for Flag

This was a very fun craft to make!
This would work well as a 4th of July craft.
Craft was found HERE

Supplies we used:
white paper red & blue construction paper
cardstock for stars
I used an F template to trace on the construction paper.
Then the children glued the pieces together.
This will go into their ABC binders

 They also practiced pre-writing skills
 Download the sheet below HERE

F is for Feathers

Another fun craft that will go into their ABC binders!
template from dltk-kids
They also have a Facebook page

Each week I make each child their own letter of the week book. We read it together and they color each page in the book. I've noticed I do not have pictures of some, but I do print them each week.

And these completed the week..

Football Do a Dot sheet

Flower color by number

Other books we read:


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