Monday, October 22, 2012

Too Many Pumpkins and A Painted Pumpkin Patch

We read the book 
Too Many Pumpkins
by: Linda White

The book is about a woman named Rebecca Estelle and she hates pumpkins. She was forced to eat them everyday as a child. One day years and years later an overloaded truck dropped a huge pumpkin in her yard, and SPLAT, pumpkin and seeds went everywhere. She buried the mess and swore never to think about it! The very next year she ended up with a bumper crop!

This is a great book for ages 4-8, we read every year!

After reading the book we decided to make a pumpkin patch.

To Make:

Orange Paint
Green Marker

Have child make a fist, use knuckles to make pumpkins. Draw stems to complete.

inspiration found here.

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