Friday, March 2, 2012

Foto Friday | In a Basket + An Announcement

Welcome to Foto Friday I mean TGIF, right?!
I will start with the announcement. Foto Friday will be moving  to my new photography blog Photograph Life beginning next week! I have been thinking about this for a long time, weather or not to start yet another blog just for photography or not. I feel as though the photography link up's needed to separate from this daycare blog. I will not move Wordless Wednesday. I have already started posting over there, so hopefully everyone will pop over and visit and follow me there.

Now on with the featured photo for this week. Last week's theme was "Emotion". Loved the submissions, there were so many interpretations to go with this prompt.

Now look at these happy faces, don't you just love this? I think it's so super cute, and what a perfect image of these three. I love the post processing in this image. This was submitted by Tiaras & Tantrums
Thanks so much for sharing with us!
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This week theme is "In a Basket"
I took this photo at the antique shop and thought it work great for this prompt. I used Kim Klassen texture Organic @ 28% opacity Normal. I also lighten a little and crop the photo.

Happily Mother After

Now it's time for you to share your "In  a Basket" photos, I can't wait to see!
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If you are new here you can read the Foto Friday faq's here.

Please remember, if your photo does not match the theme, share it anyway, I would love to see it!

I'm taking photo theme suggestion's, send an email.

Next week's theme "On the Water"
Suggested theme from Amber.


LadyD said...

Adorable munchkins and beautiful basket! Thanks for hosting! said...

Great basket shot!

Leovi said...

Beautiful portrait with a delicious light, tender looks, ... Magnificent.

Melanie said...

Lol... I wanted to join your challenge so badly, but my pic doesn't quite scream "basket" ... so how about box?! Lol)

LOVE your shot, that green basket is super cool & the action you used is perfect! XO

tiarastantrums said...

thanks so much! My kiddos will be so pleased!

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