Monday, November 7, 2011

5 A Day Books

5 a day books
We are getting back to our alphabet and this week we are on the Letter Dd.

Dogs & Ducks

Clifford's Family

 Emily Elizabeth tells the story of where she and Clifford are from. Clifford is taken back to the city to see his family.

Bathtime for Biscuit

 A simple text book about a little girl wanting to give her dog Biscuit a bath. But Biscuit wants to play, and jumps out the tub to play with his friends in the sprinkler and mud puddles.

Go, Dog. Go!

A favorite rhyming book that adds in opposites, colors, and questions to answer along the way.
The Ugly Ducking

 A children's classic fairy tale of being accepted. But mother duck loves her special baby but others were not nice to him. Ugly duckling swims away one day, fearing he has no friends. Spring arrives and the Ugly Duckling has grown into a beautiful swan. How pleased he was to discover his beauty  reflecting  in a pond.

One Duck Stuck

Bright and bold counting and rhyming book about a duck who gets stuck in the muck and needs help getting out!

Join the 5 day books at The Imagination Tree.

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kewkew said...

Great D books. Gotta look into One Duck Stuck. Looks like it would go well with Mr Gumpy's Motor Car, the book we are rowing this week.

Party Of Four said...

We love Go dogs Go and Bath time for Biscuit! :) I'll have to look into the other ones. Thanks for sharing.

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